Free Stuff

Although P&B does not offer software for sale, we have produced several useful tools and programs that we make available as a public service.

DBG.EXE is a hardware debugger designed for use on x86 PCI computers.

mig_ddr2_bfm.v is a Verilog functional model of a sparse memory array based on the Xilinx MIG DDR2 controller. The model helps speed simulations.

The Cinepak Codec was created by the P&B team.  Here you can find the most recent 16-bit and 32-bit versions of Cinepak, as well as versions for some obscure processors.

MediaStones is a Multimedia Benchmark we designed for Windows 3.x, however it does run well under Windows 95/98.

PhotoStones is a simple benchmark that copies true-color bitmaps from host memory to the screen and measures throughput in pixels-per-second.

P&B originally designed the VideoSpigot video capture card.  Since then the VideoSpigot product has change owners.  It is now difficult to find the latest drivers, but you can download them from us.  We do not provide technical support for this product.

VTAGS.PL is a Perl script used to create a Vi/Vim tags file from Verilog source files.