Providenza & Boekelheide, Inc. is a consulting firm specializing in software, hardware, and network design and development.  Our development experience provides a unique perspective for optimizing and managing tradeoffs between software and hardware.

We provide hardware design and development services.  From ASIC development, board level design, emulation, verification and diagnostics, we can provide you with our expertise.

Our software team has been designing, debugging, and optimizing Windows device drivers, software, and firmware for many years.  With our strong background in Windows development, we are experienced in all phases of product creation from conceptualization, specification, design, and implementation.

With the dramatic reduction in the cost of networking components, networks are springing up in almost every office and many homes.  The book of our experience includes several chapters dedicated to network design and installation.  We focus our efforts to provide effective, reliable, and affordable solutions for medium and small offices.

There is a strong relationship between networking computers in a small or medium sized business and connecting those networks to the Internet in a fast, reliable, and secure way.  Our Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers can provide turn-key solutions for connecting your network to the Internet.  We offer the Net-Portal line of connectivity solutions.

Although P&B specializes in multimedia, video, graphics, and Internetworking technologies, we have often applied our talents and efforts to to other areas to assist our customers in achieving successful product designs. Our extensive "hands on" engineering experience has also involved us in a number of related activities such as patent reviews, feasibility studies, and system architecture planning/review.

It is sometimes convenient to be able to look through a verbose list of technologies, operating systems, skills, programming languages, and other relevant buzzwords that enumerate the areas in which we offer consulting services.  You will find such a list on our "Skills Matrix" page.