It should be pretty clear by now:  the Internet is here to stay.  The vast resources available on the Internet are growing at a phenomenal rate.  Internet e-mail is quickly becoming the predominant communication channel for today's businesses.  Accessing information made available online from your vendors, peers, colleagues, and customers can be a huge time savings.  Internet savvy customers expect to find extensive product information and more online.

Whether you want to simply provide fast, reliable, and secure Internet connectivity to every desktop in your organization, provide e-mail access to your entire office, or host an Internet web site, we can help.  We offer a complete line of Internet Connectivity solutions for small and medium sized organizations.  We are a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider with demonstrated excellence in delivering effective solutions on multiple platforms.  Our team of Microsoft Certified System Engineers and Microsoft Certified Professionals are proficient in the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems as well as Linux.

Because "one size" does not "fit all", we offer solutions utilizing Microsoft software as well as solutions achieved with Linux.  By tailoring the correct answer for each situation, we increase reliability and performance, reduce initial and recurring costs, and help you achieve the most appropriate solution for your unique needs.

All of our solutions offer firewall security to prevent unauthorized access to your private network, while still being easy to use and maintain.  All of our products are available through a rental program that encompasses Internet connectivity service, technical support, and hardware costs.  We can be your one stop solution provider.

For those who just want easy-to-use Internet connectivity on each desktop in your office, we offer two Internet sharing products.  The first is a network appliance that allows your entire network to share one or two serial connections (modems or ISDN adapters) to the Internet.  The second product is the Net-Portal Internet Gateway that allows your entire network to access the Internet via ADSL/SDSL, cable modem.

The next step up is the Net-Portal Mail Host.  This solution has all the features of the Net-Portal Internet Gateway product and adds the ability to host your own Internet domain and e-mail server.  Everyone in your organization can have individual, private e-mail accounts in your domain (  There are virtually an unlimited number of mail boxes and there is no additional cost for each additional user.

Wouldn't it be nice to have your company's product information available 24 hours a day, seven days a week?  P&B offers the Net-Portal Web Host for those would like to host their own publicly available Internet web site and/or a private Intranet web site.  This server also contains all the features of the Net-Portal Mail Host.  In addition to having e-mail to your own domain (, you can have one or more web sites too (