Net-Portal Bottom-Line Pricing

This monthly pricing includes rental of the Net-Portal product, ongoing hardware warranty, limited technical support, Internet service provider charges and local telephone company charges.  This should represent accurately your expected total associated monthly costs for a Net-Portal product solution.  The price listed below is the total of the two associated bills you will receive each month.  You will be billed for the telephone company charges on your regular phone bill each month, and you will receive an invoice from P&B each month for everything else.  There is also a one-time setup charge that varies from installation to installation. Please contact us to evaluate your situation.  Please note that these prices are based on a one year service commitment.

Telco and Speed Net-Portal
Internet Gateway
Mail Host
Web Host
Verizon -- 768k/128k $120 $140 $155
Verizon -- 384k/384k $140 $170 $185
Verizon -- 768k/768k $210 $230 $245
Verizon -- 1.5M/768k $340 $360 $375
Qwest -- 256k/256k $115 $135 $150
Qwest -- 512k/512k $170 $190 $205
Qwest -- 768k/768k $220 $240 $255
Qwest -- 1M/1M $375 $395 $410
Qwest -- 4M/1M $1400 $1420 $1435
* The Verizon 768k/128k package is really a 256k/64k package that has the potential to see speeds of 768k/128k.  For more information, please contact us.

As you can see from the pricing above, these are extremely competitive rates.  We have many happy customers who will gladly share their own experiences with our products and our people.  Contact us if you'd like some references.  When you are ready to get the ball rolling, please go to our sign up page and we will get the line check started.  There is no obligation to determine if the DSL service is available at your home or office.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.