Net-PortalTM Mail Host

The Net-Portal Mail Host is a no-hassle e-mail and Internet access solution for your company. In addition to connecting your company to the Internet, the Net-Portal Mail Host provides an e-mail "post office" for your company so your employees can send messages to each other as well as to customers and colleagues on the net.  Using a "plug and play" philosophy, the Net-Portal Mail Host simplifies e-mail setup and Internet access and eliminates the "mumbo-jumbo" technical wizardry that used to make Internet connectivity a nightmare to manage.

The Net-Portal Mail Host allows every designated employee to have an e-mail account using the company's exclusive Internet name ( Because the "post-office" lives in the Net-Portal Mail Host, a virtually unlimited number of mailboxes are possible.

P&B provides "one stop shopping" to simplify connecting to the Internet. Because P&B has partnered with a leading Internet Service Provider, your company no longer has to deal with multiple vendors and confusing choices to connect to the Internet.  Our leasing package includes the ISP charges, hardware, perpetual warranty, and ongoing technical support.  If needs change, P&B can customize Net-Portal products to meet new requirements.

The Net-Portal Mail Host is part of a complete line of secure, reliable, high speed Internet connectivity products from Providenza & Boekelheide, Inc.  Pricing information is available online.

Worry-free convenience provided by one point of contact and one all-inclusive bill.*


  • Reduce costs by sharing a single Internet connection and a single IP address.
  • Every designated user can access e-mail and the World Wide Web simultaneously.
  • Works with most of the popular Internet technologies including RealAudio, WWW, FTP, Telnet, E-mail, Net News, and many others.
  • Built in support for Microsoft's Virtual Private Networking.  You can access your internal network from home or on the road.
  • Easy to use.  No special versions of the client software needed.  No need to retrain on new versions of software.
  • E-mail software included for every desktop using a supported operating system.
  • Configurable to block spam.
  • Highly secure with a single Internet access point and professionally configured firewall.

To discuss your particular needs please send an e-mail to sales(at)

* Telephone company charges are billed directly on the regular monthly bill.