Patent Review

P&B has been helping customers review and evaluate patents for several years.  Our "hands-on" background in both hardware and software development provides a technical insight into patents relating to the PC industry.  P&B has helped our clients save millions of dollars in royalty fees.

P&B offers the following patent related services:

  • Design workarounds to avoid infringing existing patents
  • Infringement analysis
  • Patent portfolio review
  • Patent application review for technical correctness

If you are involved in the graphics industry, the Lans 4,303,986 patent should be of interest to you.  We are intimately familiar with this patent and can offer expert analysis on its merits and weaknesses.  Lansī shifting and unreasonable claims interpretation make this patent a challenge for many companies.

We practice what we preach - P&B's founders have received five patents to date.